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Our online store offers a colossal range of jaw-dropping lingerie costumes to elevate your style, elegance and confidence. Our core traits at Lingerie Dubai consist of creativity, aesthetics, freedom and authenticity. These values are consistently reflected upon every product that we manufacture, supply and in all the services that we provide to our esteemed clientele. Moreover, our curated collection of stylish lingerie outfits from Lingerie Dubai are some of the gorgeous pieces of luxury undergarments that should be on every lingerie lover’s wardrobe.  

Our tempting range of exotic inner wears from Lingerie Dubai is crafted to transform your intimate moments from plain and boring into more exciting and sensual occasions. So adorn your gorgeous body with our sexually appealing lingerie to feel absolutely confident and arouse your partner with that alluring charm. Furthermore, you can choose any top quality lingerie from our massive range of sexy lingerie in UAE according to your preference. There is always an ideal pair of lingerie in our collection that is unique and exceptionally gorgeous for anyone seeking a pair of exquisitely designed erotic innerwear.

Feel your hottest and seduce your partner by slipping into the most exotic lingerie in UAE. Our stupefying selections of babydoll, bodystocking, crotchless panties, and fancy costumes can heighten the sultriness of those sexy curves like never before.The lingeries that you obtain from Lingerie Dubai is undoubtedly going to be a refreshing addition to your wardrobe. It’s definitely going to complement your beauty and enhance your love life in unimagined ways.

We have always made it a point to provide these exotic intimates in an expansive range of fabrics, sizes and colour tones. This ensures that our listing is packed with incredible products in various dimensions that are available for women in all shapes and sizes. All these top-notch lingerie UAE are handpicked by our expert crew who are constantly updated with the latest fashion trends  in the current market. Additionally, you can own the finest lingerie online in Dubai and from other emirates in the UAE for the most exciting rates. 


From Lingerie Dubai you can witness the largest offerings of intimate wear in the UAE. All the products in our inventory are crafted to perfection with stunning craftsmanship and intricate detailing. They also undergo strict quality control measures after which it finally gets featured in our online store for purchasing. These timeless designs can effortlessly heighten your sensuality and elegance to new heights. Also, you just don’t have to spend tons of money to look like a sassy enchantress! 

Our comprehensive platform offers an enchanting variety of lingeries online in Dubai for its populace who are seeking the finest innerwear. From bridal lingeries to anniversaries, Lingerie Dubai has special lingerie sets for any sort of intimate occasion. You just have to browse through our online site and order your favourite lingerie, whenever you feel the need to showcase those deadly curves to your partner.

Our finest lingeries from Lingerie Dubai features a unique assembly of scintillating inner wears that are generously and ingeniously created in accordance with the current trends and classical styles. Our refreshing blend of styles has created a ripple in the Middle East and thousands of customers have indeed vouched for their trust in us by ordering dozens of exotic lingerie from our online store. You can explore the most coveted lingerie sets in different categories that are available in multiple shapes, sizes and colours. We can assure you that this lingerie online in Dubai is by far the most epic collection of glamorous lingerie stores in the UAE.

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Bought some bits in the last sale they had, was nice quality, would recommend.
juliet cox
juliet cox
07:57 22 Dec 21
Fire Lingerie sets, fast delivery in dubai
den reddy
den reddy
07:56 22 Dec 21
Love this place, beautiful designs and some of the most sassy sets i have seen in Dubai.
Miranda Cory
Miranda Cory
16:46 21 Dec 21
Brilliant service from Lingerie Dubai, same day delivery in Dubai, I have even exchanged stuff with no questions asked.
Georges Nguyen
Georges Nguyen
10:21 21 Dec 21
Staff are always happy to chat and give advice on whats new and what fits well based on my body type. Some nice plus size lingerie dubai
Tiffany Bahri
Tiffany Bahri
10:20 21 Dec 21
I love buying Lingerie from here, they always have unreal styles and the latest Lingerie in Dubai
Joel Makaya
Joel Makaya
15:24 20 Dec 21
The bras fit well especially for girls with bigger cup sizes, some of the more naughty ones are fun too.
Avery Wyatt
Avery Wyatt
15:20 20 Dec 21

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