3 Important Lingerie Variants Every Woman Should Own!

Lingerie Variants

3 Important Lingerie Variants Every Woman Should Own!

In the world of intimate apparels there are a lot of lingerie variants out there, particularly at Lingerie Dubai, that go far beyond the essentials. This is typically because ladies occasionally want to feel glamorous and slip into something exotic underneath their attire. And it should come as no surprise that Lingerie Dubai offers a variety of lingerie options for every occasion that you might ever want to commemorate.

Hence, it’s a good idea to be familiar with the many kinds of lingerie and understand when to choose just the perfect set every time. So, are you eager to learn more about the many lingerie options then? Here, our experts from Lingerie Dubai have compiled together a list of the top 3 lingerie variants that every woman should own!

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  • Brassiere

Lingerie Variants

A brassiere or a bra, often referred to as a bra, is a type of undergarment that is geniously designed to support a woman’s breasts. Traditionally bras are form-fitting and function far beyond simply offering support. Bras have evolved over time from being merely supportive practical outfits to fashion statements, and at Lingerie Abu Dhabi, we firmly believe in the fashionable side of these intimate apparels. As a result, we supply you with bras that are not only gorgeously designed, unique, and well-fitted to offer the perfect level of support, but also leave you feeling confident, at ease, and in control the entire day.

  • Bodystocking

 Lingerie Variants

Women who desire to look slimmer often dress in this single piece, skin-tight outfit made from sheer fabric, known as body stockings. It is basically draped across the abdomen or over the legs and targets certain parts of the body to make them look thinner and enhance the appearance.

Bodystockings have a significant positive influence on a woman’s inherent seductive ability as well as her sex appeal. Bodystockings can be worn with or without a bra, and Lingerie UAE offers a huge variety of styles that complements the beauty of a woman to a large extent.

They are incredibly easy to wear and offer a complete sexy outfit for the bedroom with the added benefit that you don’t need to find your matching bra and suspenders. Sizing is easy as they are generally very tight and expand to fit all shapes and sizes, not to forget that they’re also a reasonably cheap solution for a big impact. 

It is ideal to have a sexy pair of stockings from Lingerie UAE in your wardrobe as they offer several unique advantages. Well, they are perfect when you’re beauty conscious and want to conceal any bumps or cellulite. They provide you with a positive mindset when you need it the most. 

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  • Bustier

Lingerie Variants

Bustiers are often form-fitting intimate apparels that are worn to lift the bust and make the waist appear smaller. The sole distinction between a corset and a bustier is that a corset will compress while a bustier will lift the breasts. Usually, it lifts the bust by pressing against the abdominal portion.  No matter the size of your breasts, a bustier from Sexy Lingerie Dubai can hold any size breasts in shape.

Depending on your fashion sense, you can wear a bustier bra alone or as an undergarment. It closely wraps the body, giving the bust greater lift and ample support. In essence, wearing a bustier from Sexy Lingerie Dubai provides you with several advantages  that includes enhanced cleavage, boosting feminine appeal, and having a slimming effect similar to that of body suits.


If you’re a lingerie enthusiast, having one of these three variations—or all three—from Lingerie Dubai is essential. These intimate garments are also some of the most exceptional items that a lady can wear for herself to feel empowered, and some of these variants come in very handy in the most unexpected situations.

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